Allergy symptoms forecast

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  • The forecast for allergy symptoms is based on the responses of the Pollen Diary (website or PASYFO application) users and the daily load of airborne pollen, meteorological condition and air pollutants.

    Forecasts of symptoms are divided into several groups: nose, eyes, lungs, health status and medication. By pushing the button Nose, you get a forecast that shows the general expression of predicted symptom. The forecast is given in different color intensity circles (including different colors) and in numbers (in ascending order) marked in legend. The purple indicates the absence of symptom, while yellow indicates the most intense expression of the predicted symptom. Also, the higher the number (the number on a scale), the more intense expression of the predicted symptom. Analogous information is also available in other groups of predictions (eyes, lungs, health status and medication).

    For personalised information you should use PASYFO on mobile app. Download the mobile app PASYFO: Android or iOS.