The Pollen Diary is a free service provided by European scientists that can help to understand the impact of airborne pollen on your health. Your main task is to fill in the allergy symptoms on the website on a daily basis. The diary accumulates your data and continually links them with the European pollen database.

Users are registered anonymously. The only condition is a valid email address. You can fill the pollen diary for your children. It is important that everyone should have a separate email address. You can use the pollen diary in several languages across Europe.


1. Every user who has registered and is filling in the data receives a unique personalized forecast of manifestation of allergy symptoms.
2. Can check whether health disorders are related to the variety and concentration of airborne pollen.
3. You get pictorially presented information on the relation between pollen diversity and airborne concentrations in symptoms. This information can be useful visiting doctors.