Terms of use: PASYFO services

Terms of Use

Hereinafter, general terms of using PASYFO mobile app (download for Android or iOS), developed by us, and data security confirmation (hereinafter referred to as Terms) are described.

PASYFO mobile app was developed on the initiative of scientists’ group from Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy, Medical University of Vienna, University of Latvia and Finnish Meteorological Institute.

PASYFO is funded as a use case of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), implemented by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) on behalf of the European Union. Pollen forecast information provided by CAMS as an input to PASYFO is free and unrestricted. Personal and health-related information that is used to provide the PASYFO service is restricted and will not be shared under any circumstances.

We do not provide access to personal, anonymous or other data, and we do not transfer them to third persons.

The information provided does not in any way replace an allergist’s professional consultations or a doctor’s prescribed treatment. We ask all users with health problems to consult doctors- specialists. If you have any questions about your health, we strongly advise you to consult the doctor rather than arbitrarily start changing treatment or stop it. The content of the mobile app cannot and must not be used to diagnose, choose the treatment or stop it.

Area of Application

We provide all services or offers found on the website (http://pasyfo.lt) and PASYFO mobile app on the basis of these Terms. By accepting and/or using the services, the user agrees to the Terms described.


We provide all services according to existing technical, economic, operational and organizational possibilities. We do not take any responsibility for any malfunction, delay, deletion of data, incorrect transfer related to the use of services.

The user understands that the services offered may also be provided using third-party network operators. Therefore, the availability of services depends on the technical provision of external network service operators. We do not make commitments that the services offered will not be disturbed and will be available online at any time during 24 hours. The user knows that we have no influence on data retrieval over the Internet, speed of transmission, and network access.

We have the right to temporarily suspend services for internal reasons, for example, for maintenance and servicing purposes. Temporary restrictions on the provision of services may arise due to force majeure circumstances, strike, lockout and administrative orders, as well as the improvement of technical equipment or operations (e.g., maintenance, repair work, etc.). In the event of said circumstances or in other cases, the user is not entitled to make any claims.

Users have the right to use our services at their own risk and expenses and, at the same time, agree to use the services in accordance with legal provisions, in particular refraining from any misuse of services.

As services are provided free of charge, we, with prior notice, reserve the right to tax services at any time. In any case, we are not committed to providing services free of charge.

The use of the service does not create any contract relationships and/or an obligation to consult. For this reason, no contractual or supposed contractual requirements are applicable to us.

Data Privacy Statement

In order to provide the user with access to services and the possibility to use services, at the time of registration we collect and handle the following personal data of the user: sex, age group, the month of birth, e-mail address, location, data of symptoms and health-related complaints. By registering and providing the specified personal data, you agree that the data provided by you would be used in accordance with indicated objectives. Any data entered by the user in PASYFO mobile app and/or complaints that are tracked in the app are anonymous, are assessed statistically and used for scientific purposes and for improvement of services provided. It is useful for users to specify their location, as the provision of certain services is possible only in cases when the user’s location is known. This is the only way to provide personally useful information to the user. To this end, the user can choose between two options; i.e., enter the postal code personally or activate the service indicating the mobile location. Indication of location is used only for the provision of the personal forecast of allergy symptoms, statistical assessments and scientific matters, but in all cases maintaining the anonymity of data. I know that at any time, I can cancel my consent to handle my personal data by email pasyfo@sa.vu.lt, then my personal data will be deleted, and the user access will be eliminated. We do not provide your personal data to third parties. We very responsibly store personal data and information provided by the user with no third-party access. We take every measure to ensure personal data privacy.

Use of Our Mobile App Services

In addition to our online services (http://pasyfo.lt), we provide PASYFO mobile app, which you can download to your mobile device. Except for the data specified in the Data Privacy Statement, additional personal data are handled as described below:

  • The information required for downloading the app is forwarded to the corresponding app store (e.g., Google Play, Apple iTunes); i.e., the username, email address, the customer’s number in your account, download time, payment information, if applicable, and a separate device identification number are transmitted. We do not have any influence on the said data collection, and we are not responsible for this data collection.
  • When you are using the app, we collect and handle additional personal data; i.e., the unique ultimate number of the user’s device, called IMEI. We do this to make sure that the app works smoothly.
  • Using the services, you agree that we will use the data for the purposes stated above. The purpose of data processing is to improve the services and help people suffering from allergies caused by pollen allergens. Users, providing their data, make a valuable contribution to scientific research and should know about this.
  • I know that at any time, I can cancel my consent to handle my personal data by email pasyfo@sa.vu.lt, then my personal data will be deleted, and the user access will be eliminated.


Integration of the website provided or used by the third-party into our website is not a recommendation or guarantee regarding the content provided on this website, particularly when this is related to goods and services offered there. The links that we provide but do not administer should be treated as a service to users, providing access to such websites. We do not give any warranties and/or assume responsibility for the content of third-party websites.

Warranty / Responsibility

Scientists of different countries (data owners) provide data on pollen spread in the air to the EAN (The European Aeroallergen Network) database for free. The data is useful for those who suffer from allergy caused by pollen, and the created access enables to use this database. Users have no right to review digital data or to receive such data on a regular basis. Data owners reserve the right to terminate their services at any time without giving reasons.

Pollen load curves reflect the number of airborne pollen per 24 hours as an average value of that region for users, considering their location on that day. Because the assessment of airborne pollen is most often carried out once a week by a microscope, the number of pollen can never reflect the exact daily value. Data from researchers from different countries are submitted at different times of the day and at different intervals. To ensure maximum accuracy, data in the EAN basis is updated several times a day.

The basis of the SILAM model of the Finnish Meteorological Institute is used to calculate personal allergy symptoms forecasts.

Our services are not tailored to meet individual needs and requirements – they are intended for the public at large. We select the services offered (including information), but we cannot assume any guarantee and/or responsibility for the accuracy, relevance, completeness of the services offered (including information) and for their specific usefulness or convenience. In particular, there may be differences in pollen load, which depends on weather conditions (e.g., wind, precipitation, microclimate factors) and local characteristics (e.g., the composition of vegetation); forecasts may also deviate. Neither forecasts nor the pollen load, of course, are appropriate if the user’s location is changing. Remember that the most accurate personal information is obtained only when the user provides accurate data. It is always more useful to look for information prepared for a particular person than to use generally provided information.

Any content, interactive modules and services are by no means medical advice, individual recommendations on remote diagnosis or therapy and cannot replace professional advice or treatment prescribed by qualified doctors. Therefore, we do not assume responsibility for offered services and/or information.

Usage Rights

In all publications, we strive to respect copyrights to all graphs, audio documents, video sequences and texts and to use self-created or license-free graphs, audio documents, video sequences, texts.

All trademarks indicated in services and trademarks that may be protected by third parties shall be without limitation granted copyright protection and the proprietary rights of the respectively registered owner. The mention alone does not allow us to conclude that the trademark is not protected by third-party copyrights.

All services provided by us, in particular information, data, texts, pictures, graphics, etc., can be used only for private, non-commercial purposes, and we reserve the right to revoke the privileges at any time. Commercial use of our services for any kind of services is prohibited.

Legal Place / Place of Implementation / Applicable Law

Disputes or disagreements in negotiations are solved using measures for peaceful settlements. In case of failure to solve disputes peacefully, all such disputes and disagreements are dealt with in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.

The place of implementation of all requirements and obligations is Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy.

Other Conditions

Invalidity or ineffectiveness of the provisions of separate Terms does not affect legal effectiveness of remaining provisions; in such case, those provisions that are legally effective and are closest to the purpose of PASYFO products are treated as agreed. If the written form of the Terms is required, it is sufficient to inform by e-mail so that this requirement is met. Any deviations from the norms of these Terms must be agreed in advance, and the consent from the service provider must be received.